About Amanda

I am a gal who is very much in love. I am a mom with three of the best kids ever. I am a woman who eats too many M&Ms and whose desk is always kind of mess.  

Parties have always been a passion for me. As a child, my mother allowed me to plate the appetizer platters and arrange the seating for dinner parties. I would spend days in the library pouring over cookbooks, wedding magazines, and craft books; constantly dreaming of the “perfect” party.

In June 2016, after a little soul-searching, I decided to launch Affairs by Amanda LLC.

For me it is the perfect balance of my desire to be a working artist and my get business done approach to life; and because I have a quick brain, I am great with details, I love a challenge and approach problem solving with an adjust, pivot & move forward attitude… it was a perfect fit. Besides, who doesn’t want to go to parties all the time?

The Small Details

Through Affairs by Amanda, I bring to each event a design perspective that is thoughtful, stylized and is truly all about you. 

My commitment is threefold: superior customer service, assembling a team tailored to your needs and breathing life into your vision. 

Being a part of your most important moments is special to me, I look forward to making it special for you.